Cisco Roadshow 2017 in Athens – Reimagine your Business


Yesterday, Cisco organised the Roadshow 2017 in Athens entitled “Reimagine your business”.The agenda was short, not deeply technical but absolutely interesting. The audience filled up the whole event room.


I must admit that I love Cisco events! What I like in these events is that Cisco looks ahead, tries to predict the future and adapts to it (or creates it). And this process is visible to the audience and it convinces me that Cisco is here and it will stay here.

Let’s see some pictures from the event. Mr. Antonis Tsimboukis, the general manager of the local  Cisco branch was the first speaker.


And this guy is Mr. Oren Seliger, who gave an absolutely great speech about Cisco’s view of the future. I will only mention the two quotes that he said during his speech, the combination of these shows Cisco’s philosophy.

He mentioned that

Shimon Peres said “Change is nothing to fear. Don’t be afraid of change. Don’t expect change but pursue change” and

Abraham Lincoln said “The best way to predict the future is to create it”

This is Cisco’s way of thinking…


The rest of the speakers where very good as well. The main keypoints were the following:

  • Panagiotis introduced Hyperflex data platform, that it seems to be a very good choice for SMEs entering into the virtualised world. It is VMware compatible right now and it supports local disks in a low cost configuration or an external storage.
  • Chara touched two issues about how easily network Cisco devices can be centrally managed and how network data analytics may help a business to take optimized key business decisions.
  • Nikos confirmed Cisco’s security commitment and announced that Cisco enters into endpoint security arena using Talos for threat analysis
  • And Alkis announced Spark, Cisco’s new collaboration platform, supported by video conferencing devices and Spark board, a new device for digital white boarding.

What a great day I had yesterday. As a final word, I would shout “Pursue change at personal level and create your future”.


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