Upgrade VMware’s vSphere Data Protection Appliance 6.0

Before upgrading the appliance, let’s first resolve the SSL certificate problem of vSphere Data Protection Appliance.

The modern internet browsers don’t like VMware’s vSphere Data Protection Appliance 6.0 SSL certificate. So VMware made available a hotfix that removes the old SHA1 certificate of the VDPA tomcat service and installs a new SHA2 certificate.


It’s a pretty straightforward guide that resolves the connectivity problem of chrome or firefox browsers to VDPA.

So, download the compressed 2111900_VDPHotfix.SHA2.sh script, sftp it to the tmp folder of the appliance as admin user, ssh login as admin, su – root, goto tmp folder and chmod a+x the script file. Finally execute it and it will replace the certificate. Now you may connect to vdp-configure using your latest chrome browser.

Before upgrading the appliance you must take a snapshot of VDPA virtual machine. If you don’t, the upgrade cannot be completed. At this point you cannot take a snapshot since the three backup disks of the appliance are configured as independent disks. So, shutdown the appliance via vSphere client, edit the appliance settings and uncheck the “independent” disk mode of each backup disk. Finally take a snapshot of the vm. Leave the disk mode unchecked and power on the appliance.

To upgrade vSphere Data Protection Appliance, download the latest upgrade iso file from my.vmware portal and sftp it to a datastore accessible from VDPA. Using your vSphere Client, mount the iso to the appliance. Open your browser and login to the vdp-configure page of VDPA. Click on Upgrade tab and wait until the appliance checks the iso image.

When the check is completed, click on the Upgrade button and wait until the job is completed.



During the upgrade the web connectivity is lost.


At the end the appliance shuts down. It’s time to delete the vm snapshot and reconfigure back the three backup disks to independent/persistent mode. Power on VDPA and the console display shows:


Connect to vdp-configure and check the services status. Run a backup job to make sure that everything works fine.

Post comments:

  • If you upgrade to version 6.1.1, do not forget to install first VDP61_Iso_Hotfix.tar.gz otherwise the iso image will not be detected. More info at the Release Notes.

4 thoughts on “Upgrade VMware’s vSphere Data Protection Appliance 6.0

  1. “Finally take a snapshot of the vm, reconfigure back the three backup disks to independent/persistent mode and power on VDPA” is wrong. Reconfiguring must be done after upgrade installation is finished, not after taking snapshot.

    • Manuel, actually I don’t think that the disk mode affects the vDPA upgrade path. I think that it is needed only for the snapshot take, so I don’t think that the disk reconfiguration sequence really matters. I successfully upgraded my vDPA from 6.0.0 to 6.0.2 using the aforementioned upgrade method. Thank you for the comment.

    • Manuel is right on his comment. At least during the upgrade to version 6.1.1, it did not let me power on the vdpa. I will correct the article to be consistent with the comment. Thank you.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful tutorial. I am still confused about why we want to snapshot VDPA virtual machine? But I don’t have any experience in updating the Vsphere data protection appliance. Here at my company the updation tasks are performed by technical staffs form Storagepipe offsite backup services. We used to get the Veeam services from Storagepipe.

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