Enable SPDY Protocol on your browser

Actually, SPDY protocol is enabled by default in all modern SPDY compatible browsers. Widely accepted browsers are SPDY compatible except Microsoft IE.

Firefox 21.0

Type in about:config at the URL address space and the following disclaimer will appear:

Firefox Disclaimer

Firefox Disclaimer

Press the procceed button and type in spdy at the search space.

Firefox SPDY settings

Firefox SPDY settings

The SPDY settings will appear. Please note that network.http.spdy.enabled should be true, as well as the v2 and v3 parameters.

Now, to check the SPDY sessions, install Firebug addon on your Firefox

Goto Tools – Web Developer – Firebug – Open Firebug and open up the Gmail webpage. Checkout the Response Headers of the page looking for parameter X-Firefox-Spdy: 3. This ensures that SPDY protocol is used and indicates the negotiated version.

SPDY Headers

SPDY Headers

Chrome 27.0.1453.110

On chrome you can even watch the SPDY sessions by typing chrome://net-internals on the URL and selecting the SPDY option on the left menu.

Chrome SPDY Sessions

Chrome SPDY Sessions

There is no official announcement from Microsoft yet, but Internet Explore 11 may support Google’s SPDY protocol.


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