Cisco Connect Greece 2013 at Athens – The Internet of Everything

Photos from Cisco Connect Greece 2013 at Athens,  Greece. An interesting event about Cisco’s vision for the upcoming few years, the Internet of Everything.


A Cisco platform from sensors to networks to data analysis and decision making.


Don’t get fooled with the empty seats. The room was full of people. The photo was taken during the coffee break.


Mr. Antonis Tsimoukis, General Manager of Cisco Hellas opened the event.


A greek guy from Cisco UK, I don’t remember his name, talking about smart cities and local authorities’ european initiatives. Barcelona seems to be a prototype iCity in Europe.


Mr. Thanos Falagas, Marketing Director of Hellenic Telecoms Group, made an overview of IT trends and the position of Hellenic Telecoms in this landscape.


Mr. Andreas Enotiadis, Director Global Connected Industries Solutions, a Cisco guy who made a very interesting speech about Internet of Everything concept.



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